As reputation management experts we consider all aspects of a critical incident and its impact on all stakeholders.

We have worked with political parties, businesses, and sporting organisations for over 20 years through formal complaint handling procedures.

While confidentiality prevents us from revealing specific organisations, individuals and incidents, our clients have included:

  • a political party, with investigations into allegations of bullying, governance violations, discrepancies in funding disclosures, and code of conduct breaches
  • a government agency with investigations into code of conduct breaches and governance violations
  • sporting organisations with allegations of inappropriate conduct, breaches of policies and internal governance frameworks, codes of conduct, and bringing the organisation into disrepute.

Following each investigation, we delivered a report (written, verbal or both) presenting findings on each complaint. Where there are no findings of formal breaches, but reputational risk or sub-standard behaviours are found, we made recommendations to improve governance and behavioural standards.

We also developed new policies and frameworks to enhance governance documents, and helped clients communicate the benefits of safeguarding the organisation to members and other stakeholders.