Professional Writing Training

Professional Writing Training – Watt Advocacy

Our Professional Writing Training gives you the skills to write persuasively for professional, public and technical audiences.

Every project needs its own style and approach to writing.

For example, the way you would write an Annual Report is very different to how a speech would be crafted.

Creating a media release and accompanying talking points is very different again.

Then there’s writing for the web. People read more online text more slowly than when it’s on paper, so how do you master the difference?

Our training course explains why different methods are needed.

Our approach will challenge your ideas about grammar, syntax and structure. You will understand how people read and absorb different documents and content so you can write with the greatest impact.

Course inclusions

  • All courses are tailored to your needs and can be conducted conveniently at your premises
  • All equipment and resources are included
  • Participants receive a handbook containing tips and exercises to practice new techniques
  • We are available for complimentary follow-up advice as you begin to put your training into practice

Our Writing Training can be incorporated into a more extensive Media & Spokesperson Training course or conducted on its own.

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