Our Governance Training will improve how your organisation operates. It will create a culture that delivers accountability and high performance.

When an organisation’s governance isn’t up to standard, it has serious consequences.

Fixing these problems can seem impossible and overwhelming. That is why you need us to improve how your organisation operates and create a culture that delivers accountability and high performance.

After completing our training, you will be able to:

  • improve systems and procedures to make sure you operate productively and fairly 
  • manage board interactions, reporting and complaints effectively
  • create strong communication systems
  • understand how to design federation models and new relationships between organisations 
  • build the confidence of members, supporters and volunteers in your organisation.

Course inclusions

  • All courses are tailored to your needs and can be conducted conveniently at your premises
  • All equipment and resources are included
  • Participants receive a handbook containing tips and exercises to practice new techniques
  • We are available for complimentary follow-up advice as you begin to put your training into practice

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