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Whether it’s plain speaking or something approaching poetry, our professional writers will ensure you make the right impact.

The type of project determines the style of writing that is needed.

Sometimes, simple straight talking is all that's required. At other times, what's needed is something approaching poetry.

That’s why we employ rhetorical techniques to animate speeches and ensure the audience remembers you. By working with you throughout the writing process, we showcase your voice in an authentic way.

Our full range of professional writing services are available to you, from providing a final polish on something you’ve already prepared, through to drafting from first principles.

Our team has written for some of the most influential people and organisations in Australia. We have also helped charities and small businesses to add polish and professionalism to their public image.

Our team of skilled writers and editors can craft any document tailored to any project, including:
  • Speeches
  • Policy documents and reports
  • Tenders
  • Marketing materials
  • Online content
  • Media statements and talking points
  • Fact sheets and brochures
  • Technical and educational publications
  • Scripts for educational and promotional videos

We also ensure your content meets accessibility standards.

Our Professional Writing Training courses can also build your in-house writing skills.