24/7 Support

We are your first call when an unexpected dilemma emerges

Sometimes things can be said or done that lead to unwanted media coverage.

We are your trusted partner when you have a crisis that needs a fast and effective response.

We are available 24/7/365 to build and implement a response plan, manage the media cycle and act as a spokesperson on your behalf. We can also work with your leadership group to take decisive actions to fix the underlying cause of your crisis.

Most importantly, our discretion and confidentiality is assured.

After the crisis

To stop problems from recurring, behaviours, mindsets and cultures have to change.

We will work with you to build enduring solutions.

Our experience includes:

  • helping national sport organisations educate their athletes and coaches
  • training on the benefits and challenges of mainstream and social media
  • building media plans and campaigns for government and not-for-profit organisations
  • reviewing existing procedures and creating new governance systems for sporting peak bodies
  • helping people and organisations to rebuild, personally and professionally.

Media Crisis Management Training

We also offer training that will give you the skills to respond immediately and successfully to a media crisis.