Understand your audience 

We are experts in qualitative and quantitative research to determine your most effective communication strategy.

We have spent over 20 years facilitating focus groups and undertaking research for our clients. Our approach provides the evidence base for determining your most effective communication strategy.

Whether your currency is funding, votes, members or social media follows, our work will deliver results for you.

We tailor an approach depending on your goals, size and budget. We use a well-tested mix of quantitative (such as larger scale surveys and polls) and qualitative methods (including focus groups and interviews) to produce the most useful information for your organisation.

For example, surveys collect a large amount of data. But only by knowing what questions to ask and how to do so will deliver meaningful answers.

It is the same for face-to-face focus groups which involve only a few people. The personal interaction and flowing conversations can provide fast, informative results but only if you know to draw out genuine feedback.

Our work has resulted in:

  • candidates and political parties winning elections
  • sporting organisations building membership
  • not for profit organisations growing supporters, volunteers and donors
  • businesses growing their share of the market and discovering new audiences.

Contact us to discuss how we can give you the information you need for success.