Build best practice

We will improve how your organisation operates, creating a culture that delivers accountability and high performance while making your stakeholders feel heard.

When an organisation’s governance isn’t up to standard, it has serious implications for its operation and reputation.

There are countless examples of well-known organisations who had governance shortcomings exposed, resulting in negative media attention and expensive legal settlements.

Fixing these problems can seem impossible and overwhelming.

Fortunately, we can help you drive change, using our proven methodologies.

We’ll work with you to deliver best practice governance by:

  • crafting governance documents such as constitutions, policies and procedures
  • reviewing systems and procedures to make sure your organisation operates effectively
  • building and enhancing federation models or create new relationships between organisations 
  • training your leadership team to build their governance skills and knowledge
  • building confidence in your organisation’s operations and goals.

Governance training courses

We also conduct short and intensive courses to build your in-house governance skills.