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We give you access the right people, build your convincing business case and can act as a trusted negotiator.

A good idea on its own is not enough to win over hearts and minds.

You must present a compelling case that resonates with decision makers.

That’s why you need us.

Watt Advocacy & Communications will give you access the right people and can act as trusted negotiator. Our access to key decision makers in Australia’s parliaments will further your cause and help you to negotiate a win.

We will demonstrate the political imperatives, economic case and community benefits of your proposal.

Drawing on years of successful advocacy and lobbying work, we will build and present your business case. We align your ideas and goals with the policies, priorities and budgets of governments.

Mediations & Negotiations

Watt Advocacy & Communications can also assist with representation at informal mediations, negotiations or arbitrations. We understand these situations can be highly stressful and emotional. That’s why our calm, professional and experienced approach works.

We make a strong and effective case on your behalf to deliver results in your best interests.

Ensuring success

Too often, private lobbying efforts clash with public messaging. This can undermine your efforts on both fronts.

Experience proves our work is more successful when conducted in tandem with media and stakeholder management strategies.

Your cohesive advocacy plan can also include:

  • Media Management
  • Building Business Cases
  • Campaigns
  • Branding